• Jan 2, 2023

Remedies for stress, anxiety, and anger issues as per astrology


Is life making you crazy with the burden of emotions, unchecked anxiety, a lot of stress, and a short-tempered? If your stress, anxiety and anger are out of control, then you know something is out of balance in your stars. Planets are strongly connected to a person’s emotions, and even the slightest disconnect can create havoc of emotions in your life & make every situation hard to deal with. So if this is happening to you then Wake up, this is not Normal. Understanding a little more about your unbalanced planets can help you towards doing some remedies. Moon is one of the most important planets which governs our emotions. In fact in our horoscope chart, the 4th house is the house of mental peace, happiness & comfort. There are some other planets and reasons for your uncontrollable outburst.

Astrology behind stress, anxiety, anger

  1. Conjunction of the moon with any of the malefic planet
  2. Moon can lose it’s power to give results if placed with sun. Because sun is so strong.
  3. If your 4th house is out of balance or is under influence of any malefic planet, then native will experience stress, anxiety.
  4. Four planets welcome more anger & outburst- Mars, Venus, Ketu, Sun.

How can Astrology help?

  1. Gemstones after consulting an expert astrologer can be worn & for the weak placement of the moon, remedies can be performed.
  2. Gemstones are powerful when it’s activated powerfully, it will show you results.
  3. Worship Lord Shiva every day for long-lasting results. Complete Shiva Puja can save you from any trouble and get you through any tough time.
  4. Always turn your head towards the east or south direction while sleeping for mental sanity.

Some other tips you should always follow for anger, stress and anxiety:

Mindful living

  1. Stress, anxiety, anger gets the best of us when we forget to live in the present moment & are stuck with past emotions that get aggregate in our reality


  1. Stretch to Release Stress.
  2. A calm mind is devoid of negative emotions. In fact calm mind-healthy body.

Breathing Pranayamas

  1. You may have noticed that your breathing becomes quite irregular when you are tensed. If we can just get ourselves to sit down and at least breathe slowly and focus on it for a minute, we calm our nervous system and get power over any type of stress, anxiety, or anger.
You can seek help & get complete Vedic remedies for your problems More power to you.