• Jan 2, 2023

How to become a money magnet as per Astrology


Want to see your money grow and become a money magnet? No hoax or shady advice. Astrological and in fact simply practical Sometimes all efforts go in vain even if you’re trying every possible strategy/ advice/suggestion/ mantras to resolve your financial issues. You always end up having money crunches. But what you need to understand here is, you will face issues with money if you are trying to get hold of it the incorrect way. Your astrological equations need to be understood right by an astrologer to give you the right solution that’ll work for you in various ways. Think of it this way. One size doesn’t fit all. Suggestion/ Advice/ Mantras that you must have received all your life must have worked for some but that’s because it was perfectly formulated for them. What you need to have is a customized solution that’s well understood through your birth chart, moreover which will reap tremendous success for you. This post is intended to ease out your financial issues to a large extent. So keep reading further to know about some remedies for money. These are some remedies you may have never tried before or you are doing it wrong

Donate Like A Rich Man

Ensuring you give a certain portion to charity every month from your earrings will bring you blessings. Because it’s a sign that you’re not in short supply and you will get a multiplied amount of wealth back.

No Wrongdoings In terms Of Money

Money earned through wrongdoings will either go away easily or will never bring true satisfaction to you. If you truly want to be a money magnet then earn it rightly & enjoy the true essence of wealth.

Have Clutter-Free Home/ Office To Become A Money Magnet

> Avoid keeping any sorts of broken things at your home.

Treat Women With Respect

Women treated with love & respect bring prosperity in abundance as a woman embodies Goddess Laxmi.
  • Make donations in white because you will please the Goddess of wealth
  • Place a mirror in front of your locker so that mirror reflects and multiplies the ways you will receive money in life
  • Your cash locker should be placed in the south or south-west of the house & ensure that it opens in the North Direction.
  • Wearing a certain gemstone activated by your astrologer will also help you remove the money blocks which you may have.
Follow these wealth remedies to improve your financial issues. To know about your wealth & what remedies will help you for long-term financial freedom, take consultation from an expert Astrologer for your birth chart reading. More power to you!