• Jan 2, 2023

Guru Purnima – An Astrological Perspective


One never stops learning. There is always a guru at each stage of life. This day is dedicated to those Gurus. Gurus show us the path to our desired life and guide us on every step. In Sanskrit, ‘Gu’ means darkness/ ignorance but ‘Ru’ means remover of the darkness. A guru frees us from ignorance and removes our darkness. Since each guru serves the ultimate and essential role of helping a soul accomplish its journey and reach its goal, disciples pay their tribute to their teachers on this day by paying their gratitude.

Astrological Significance of Guru Purnima:

Guru Purnima is celebrated in the month of Ashad, and during this time planet, Jupiter is in the Zodiac sign cancer which is the 12th house that shows blessing and optimism. It is also to be noted that on this Purnima Day, the planet Jupiter shifts closer to the sun becoming invisible from earth. And that makes this day a very auspicious time to attain spirituality and becoming abundant with divine cosmic energy. Another crucial thing that can be taken note of is, never judge a guru on basis of appearances or behavior because his inner wisdom can turn anything into gold. A guru is a giver. He has no ego whatsoever because his ego contains God’s presence. He has the divine power to heal the sick merely only with his thoughts and vibrations.

Astrological perspective to make the most on this day

Believe in ‘Give and take‘ In fact, Guru Purnima is a golden opportunity to preserve the Guru Disciple tradition which is fading in the current world. Take blessings from your Guru for better knowledge and wisdom. Because it is the guru who helps us get out of the endless cycle of death and frees a person from worldly limitations. You can meditate during guru Purnima to cultivate your chakras. Since you have 7 chakras in your body, your kundalini shakti is just there dormant in your first chakra i.e Mooldhara chakra. With meditation, you can put force on kundalini shakti to move upward by activating those chakras. With this, you can easily fulfill your purpose on this auspicious day. That is why this day is important. And remember that one guru can change your entire life but you are blessed to meet so many on your life journey. More power to you!