• Jan 2, 2023

Effects of Jupiter Retrograde 2021 on all zodiac signs


With each retrograde, you are being given challenges as well as opportunities with the movements of the retrograde planet. We will see the effects of Jupiter retrograde 2021 on all zodiac signs But what you mainly need to do during this time is: ‘STOP AND REVIEW’ Review each area of your life that needs change. It may be your current job because of which you are stopping yourself from getting good opportunities. Or your friendship quality is degrading because of people you have let in your life that are draining you. Retrogrades slow your pace of life and all the areas in control of planets. And since Jupiter is known to be the jackpot in astrology which denotes wealth, wisdom, and abundance, it is time to focus on your inner growth and spiritual level.

When can you feel the effects of Jupiter Retrograde?

  1. You see your life which was going smoothly suddenly has hurdles that are difficult to deal with.
  2. You are feeling uncomfortable knowing you are sticking to some things in your life (job, relationship) that don’t serve you and you want to change it.

When does Jupiter retrograde occur?

After every 9 months, retrograde lasts for 4 months. This year Jupiter will go retrograde in Aquarius on June 20, 2021, till September 14, 2021

Want to know the predictions and tips for your zodiac about the effects of Jupiter retrograde?

Read below,

Aries- Jupiter moving to your 11th house of gain, desire, fulfillment, and profits will make it difficult for you to fulfill your desires. But health looks good so maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Taurus- If you are open to start any new project, it is going to be a challenging journey so wait. Atmosphere in your house will remain pleasant.

Gemini- Students taking higher studies might face hurdles in the process. Your career may take a flight and some promotions are seen.

Cancer- Your health should be your priority as it may be targeted due to an ill lifestyle. You may be unhappy in your relationship. Just remember to not waste time on meaningless things.

Leo- Don’t try to change jobs now because it won’t be fit for you this retrograde. There can be disputes in your office which you could avoid at an early stage.

Virgo- Your health and wealth will turn out exceptionally great this retrograde. And you will be successful at any competition if you work hard.

Libra- You may want to reassess your behavior when you feel you are suddenly starting to be rude to everyone.

Scorpio- Any results you are looking for may be delayed in this period because of frustration and disappointment. Your financial status will remain good in this period

Sagittarius- You will conveniently manage your finances. Moreover you may want to be careful if you suddenly start feeling too ambitious and arrogant.

Capricorn- During this time you may see some unexpected expenses. Financial ups and downs may hamper your lifestyle.

Aquarius- You may find people have cheated on you. On the good side, you will see that focus is on you and your health will also flourish well

Pisces- It’s okay to feel disappointed if your wish is not fulfilled but do not take it so personally in this period. Moreover, you will be fearless in tough situations.

Jupiter retrograde is putting its effect and you need to be ready to make some big changes. More power to you!