• Jan 2, 2023

Do’s and Dont’s of Shravan month as per Astrology


Finally it’ Shravan Month, that time of the year which is considered very auspicious and devotees do a variety of practices to impress their devotion to Lord Shiva. Some do it to escape from all their troubles and miseries while some do it to become more connected to the infinite source. Some fast on Mondays, few days and some for even a month. If you are following Shravan month then you may or may not be aware of the things that you have to refrain yourself from doing this month.

Dos’ and Don’ts of Shravan month are:

  1. Refrain yourself from buying luxury essentials this month
  2. You must not consume nonveg or spicy foods
  3. Don’t directly savor any veg food. In fact, you must cut it into pieces
  4. Avoid conflicts and stop indulging in others’
  5. Do not harm snakes or reptiles, this month or anyways
  6. Practice yoga and become aware of your consciousness this Shrawan month
Let’s see the little rituals or things to offer Lord Shiva that can be done according to your zodiac sign:

ARIES- It’s preferred for you to offer raw milk and curd on Shivling and end the ritual by lighting camphor.

TAURUS- Start with bathing Shivling with sugarcane juice followed with mogra essence and end it with offering sweets and performing Aarti.

GEMINI – Include kum kum, sandalwood and fragrant essence to show your utmost devotion

CANCER- Praise shivling with Ashtagandha and Sandalwood and offer whole wheat chapati

LEO- It is preferred for you to use fruit juice mixed with water and sugar to bathe Shivling. Moreover, don’t forget to offer sweets.

VIRGO– You need to offer water mixed with camphor as it will complete your Pooja.

LIBRA- Make your holy water to offer Shivling with different kinds of flowers.

SCORPIO- Pure water should be used to cleanse shivling and further complete your ritual with an Aarti.

SAGITTARIUS- Offer dry fruits to Shivling and complete your ritual with Aarti.

CAPRICORN- To see a life free from stress and miseries, donate wheat. In fact, your rituals should include covering Shivling with wheat.

AQUARIUS- Make this prayer to Shiva Linga your deepest one by bathing Shivling with water which should have a mix of black and white sesame seeds.

PISCES- Chant Om Namah Shivay . You should offer Bel leaves.

When you follow these little things as per your zodiac, you are opening a far greater door full of opportunities for creating your desired life. Moreover, numerous devotees do this every year in Shravan month and experience huge benefits. Keep your prayers pure and More power to you!