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This consultation includes :


-Your Date of birth, Place and Exact Time of birth is required to make your Vedic Astrology Chart.

-If you dont know your exact time, please send us your approx time of 2-3 hours of window which you can think of. -Once I get the birth details, Birth Time Rectification will be done to see if your Birth Time is correct or not.

This consultation will focus about your Karmic Pattern of your life related to major things like Career, Finance, Relationships, Marriage and Health. Vedic Astrology can clearly predict many areas of your Life. You will also learn about your Lucky Colors and Crystal.


Vedic Astrology or Jyotish, originated from The Vedas (Vedic Scriptures) dating back over 6,000 years. The world’s most ancient scriptures give evidence of a culture rich in the arts, philosophy, medicine, religion, and science. Jyotish, a Sanskrit word, translates to Divine Light. It is the eye of divine knowledge, which is omnipresent, omnipotent, pure, supreme. The Vedas are a composite or holistic knowledge, integrating every part or branch of knowledge to the whole.

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Vedic Astrology + Palm Reading