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How did it Start?


When I was 13, I always wondered how the universe works and its impact on life on earth. This inclined me to research and learn more about these Mystical subjects and study Vedic Astrology.

  At a very early age, I started my Astrology journey professionally and completed certain Certifications from reputed Institutes & Guru’s in India.   When I started learning Indian Vedic Astrology, I was fascinated by such an divine framework of cosmic theories that help me to understand about Karma Theory. Today, I respect Vedic Astrology from the core of my heart and acknowledge its existence by being thankful to the sages who discovered and offered such a science.

How can Astrology help you?

  • Vedic Astrology is a great science which can be used for the benefit the mankind.
  • If utilized with appropriate understanding, good intention and relevant vision, it can really act as a great facilitator to human lives and make things pleasant for us to operate.
  • Accurate predictions of astrological theories is something that I intensely focus on while analyzing the birth chart.
  • Simplifying concepts for my clients while delivering an analysis is something that represents my style of working.

Birth Time Rectification